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We dont have 26 diferent strains from Kc-brains-holland in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Afghani Special stock:Available
Brains Choice stock:Available
Brains Damage stock:Available
Brains Escape stock:Available
Brasil x K.C. stock:Available
California Special stock:Available
Cristal Limit stock:Available
Cristal Paradise stock:Available
Cyber Cristal stock:Available
Double D stock:Available
Haze Special stock:Available
KC 33 stock:Available
KC 36 stock:Available
KC 39 stock:Available
KC 42 stock:Available
KC 45 stock:Available
KC 51 stock:Available
Leda Uno stock:Available
Mango stock:Available
Mind Bender stock:Available
Northern Light Special stock:Available
Spontanica stock:Available
Sweet Dreams stock:Available
Swiss-xT stock:Available
T.N.R stock:Available
White K.C. stock:Available